WildfireIntel.org is a free and open forum for discussing everything wildfire. From health and safety to active incidents, we've got it.


About WildfireIntel.org

Wildland Fire is important to us. It's our careers, our businesses and our service to our communities. Having a place to talk about the important topics or share the latest information is essential to a strong community.

The founding group of WildfireIntel.org were devout users and former moderators of the former www.wildlandfire.com website. After it's unfortunate demise, a group of us got together and pledged to bring back this service to the community in a free and open way. To accomplish this mission, we have formed a non-profit to manage the website, pledged transparency, and committed to the fair protection of the contributions that users make.

To learn more about the web site and the people involved, click here.

Core Principals

Here are the Core Principals that we are using to guide the initial launch of the community. If you would like to suggest an addition, change, or just comment, here is a discussion forum dedicated to our Core Principals.

Safe space for anyone to respectfully discuss topics important to the fire community including topics on incidents, jobs, industry, safety and health. WildfireIntel.org will protect users anonymity and utilize our growing team of volunteer moderators to ensure that comments do not violate our community guidelines.

The Data belongs to the community. One of the unfortunate consequences when wildlandfire.com was shut down was that we lost all of the historical discussions. We are committed to not making that mistake again. As part of the non-profit's charter, if we decide to stop serving the website all historical information will be posted online at github. All user emails and personal information will be removed before the database is made public to protect the anonymity of our users.

This site will always be community moderated by volunteers. If you are interested in becoming a moderator, please contact us.

One of our Core Principals is to make this site non-profit and revenue neutral. The original site was not profitable and the subsequent buyers tried and failed to commercialize the site. We have vowed not to repeat the mistakes of the past. Any income will be used to sustain the organization or pay the real expenses like web hosting, accounting, and taxes. Our team of volunteers is contributing their hours of time to build the site. The interium Board of Directors is discussing options for supporting the ongoing maintenance of the site including a GoFundMe donation campaign and paid advertising from sponsors or for job postings.

How Can We Help?

If you have any questions, we’re available. Feel free to reach out via the forum.